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On the Merits of Joe Biden

From the comment block at ObamaBiden08.org:

Yes Joe Biden has foreign policy experience, more simply by years of
service on the Foreign relations Committee and his long stint as
Chairman then almost any other living Democrat. And his plan to get us
out of Iraq is probably our last best chance of bringing our troops
home safe without leaving chaos behind. Is that enough for Obama to
choose him as his VP? Maybe, maybe not. So what are his other
accomplishments, experiences and talents that make him a great choice
for Obama? First, as he proved during the Democratic primaries he is a
master debater and would wipe the floor (as he did with many of his
democratic opponents) with anyone John McCain is even remotely
considering. remember, the only time the VP Nominee ever really takes
center stage in a general election is when his/ her name is announced,
next at the convention for their speech and finally in the one or two
VP debates. Second he is known as the third Senator from PA. He was
born and raised in Scranton and
Delaware’s media market is Philadelphia. More people in southeastern
PA know who Joe Biden is then most of their own elected officials. At
least that’s what Gov. Ed Rendell is saying to anyone who will listen.
Third, he is Irish Catholic and has gray hair. In other words he
appeals to that illusive white working/ middle class voter. These are
his roots and he speaks the language. Fourth, before Joe Biden took
over as Chairman of the Foreign relations Committee he was the longest
serving Chairman of the Senate Judiciary in the history of the Senate.
At a time when Dick Cheney has been dismantling our civil liberties it
would be nice to have a VP that actually knows what the Constitution
says (he has taught Constitutional law for almos 20 years). It is from
that experience that he broke with most of his Democratic colleagues
and voted against John Roberts who is now proving to be the most
conservative Justice on the bench. In fact he was a co-sponsor and
helped write the first
FISA Law in 1978 that President Bush has been hell bent on dismantling
over the past six years. Finally, he is a true family man. As much as
he seems a fixture in Washington, Joe Biden has never actually lived in
Washington. He has taken the train home to his family in Wilmington
every night for over 35 years . He knows how Washington works but has
not been infected by it’s inner workings. Obviously I think he is a
great pick warts and all. Oh, as for women: Joe Biden is the author of
the seminal Violence Against Women Act and is viewed as one of the
greatest champions of women’s issues in the country (ask Ellie Smeal).

originally posted at obamabiden08.org on 6/7/08 by Rob

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