We are Working For Free on this website. If you would like to see persist in presenting quality, relevant, and entertaining media from the Web… Donate. Thanks!

5 responses to “Donate

  1. I’m willing to donate some money & time. I like your Krankies Coffee story, and must say, I’ve done the same thing once or twice.

    I like to buy URLs that get mentioned on TV, just to see what type of buzz it generates. Let’s exchange stats.


  2. antony holdsworthy

    Hi, thanks a lot for this site! Watching the M.L.K. speech amongst all the other political dissonance warmed my cockles. I made a contribution that will hopefully help you on your way. Keep the fun assortment of material coming.
    Buckminster Fuller rules!

  3. charles kellsey

    I’ll make a $500 donation i you agree to put half towards ObamaBiden. I’ve reached the legal limit. Email me.

  4. Denis Jackson

    I am donating because I think this website is a good place to keep up with the progress of the campaign. Kudos to the webmaster!

  5. holly crudemen

    i hope this helps!

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