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  1. Pierre Angiel

    I can’t believe my ears.

    1. John McCain who barely made his way through a military college is now a Presidential candidate,
    2. And he is very proud of the years he spent in a Vietnamese jail.
    3. He even insists that he knows about war and is most fit to be Commander in Chief. But, couldn’t his being at the bottom of his class in military college and his being captured by the enemy be directly connected?
    4. He is a person who doesn’t know the difference between Sunni and Shiite and he doesn’t know to which group the President of Iraq belongs. He doesn’t know whether Al Qaeda is Sunni or Shiite, and why Al Qaeda and Iran are not friends.
    5. He doesn’t know that Georgia attacked Russia and that the result of that attack is Russian troops in Georgia. Yet, he insists that he is a foreign policy expert and that Senator Obama is not.
    6. He belittles the fact that Senator Obama was at the top of his class and studied International Relations before going on to graduate school where he was again the top of his class. He ignores the fact the Senator Obama was the head of the Harvard Law Review, the most prestigious law journal in the US, that Senator Obama even taught Constitutional Law. He proclaims that his experience and knowledge more qualifies him to be President.

    How strange. Logic would dictate that when someone like McCain makes those types of pronouncements his support should go down.

    Pierre Angiel

  2. Pierre Angiel

    Thank God Senator McCain will be ready on Day One.

    But, let’s first forget the fact that he doesn’t know the difference between Shiite and Sunnie, he doesn’t know who is attacking who in Georgia, or, like most Americans…where Georgia is exactly, he doesn’t know that there was considerable damage to the oil platforms in the Gulf during Katrina (one was blown 160 miles away). He is apparently not quite sure who his hand picked Vice President really is. For instance he doesn’t know that she is being investigated in Alaska for abuse of power or that her daughter is an unmarried pregnant teenager.

    I’m not certain just what the Senator is ready for on Day One but it certainly isn’t for the Presidency of the United States.

    But he is ready for something as long as it has nothing to do with family values, knowledge of Foreign Affairs, knowledge of the environment, and who is fighting who and why anyplace.

    Pierre Angiel
    2290 NW North River Drive
    Miami, FL 33125

  3. Randall Cunnningham

    Hi, i hope the donation helps in your “experiment.” Be sure to post your results someday. I checked out Krankies Coffee; looks like a neat place. ObamaBiden all the way!!!

  4. Dear Senator Biden,
    I am a experienced barber/stylist in Colorado. I support the election of you and Barak Obama, and would like to do all I can to get you elected. I could really make you look your absolute best. You have “tricky” hair, but I could make you look great! I think a winning haircut could help you win!–Contact me!–Terrilynn

  5. Vincent Zawodny

    Good job on the debate, I have suggestion regarding answers to 2 questions that will keep coming up.

    1. on the question of the surge: You may want to point out that though our troops have performed magnificently the surge was not totally responsible for the reduction in violence in Iraq – specifically Baghdad. We must give some credit to the Iraqi people who some months before the surge came together in the Awakening to resist Al Qaeda (on their own, we capitalized on the movement) which could not have been easy.

    This plus Al Sadr’s stand down were at least equal to any calming effects the surge brought, and in one of the really troubled provinces (Anbar I think) there was a huge reduction in violence with no US surge at all – in this case the Iraqis themselves pulled their own society from the brink. It may have been possible to achieve the same result by redeploying forces already in Iraq into Baghdad though we will never know the answer to this.

    The Iraqis are not helpless halfwits unable to manage their society without us – America must begin to acknowledge the events we have put them through and respect the efforts they have made in this unnecessary war that has killed many more of them then us – it is time to give them their country back.

    2. Regarding Russia: It may be useful to point out that the current attitude of Russia toward the world and the US specifically is the result of Regan’s boot heel policy and gloating over the fall of Russia. There is a large and somewhat youthful generation in today’s Russia that remembers well how the US drove their country to ruin and saw their parents and grandparents lives destroyed in the economic battle with the US. We broke the Soviet Union, vilified them and left them to rot – something this current generation of Russians will NOT forget. It is likely the US and much of Europe will live to regret how Reagan’s policy plays out.

    I don’t know what to do about it, but you may want to point that that the Republican style of foreign policy based on narrow minded bellicose language combined with the intolerance of the religious right has yielded almost nothing for the US or the world in terms of long term benefits to all of our respective societies. If the US can genuinely help another country great, but we must stop our destructive and expensive meddling in other countries affairs.

    Oh, and enough ‘creativity’ on Wall Street already.

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