ObamaBiden08 is an experiment in the New Media. It began in January 2008 at Krankies Coffee by exploring the presidential possibilities of President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. This will continue.  It will also explore “internet age” potential towards positive change in our system of democratic self governance. Towards true governence by the people for the people.

7 responses to “ObamaBiden08?

  1. williefloyd

    Whether or not Biden would accept the VP slot or not I think is anyone’s guess. I think the VP spot is what the individual makes it-with the understanding with the pres. of what boundaries or freedoms would exist beforehand. There is no one who could give better support to Obama than Biden. I believe he has tremendous respect from Obama and they have similar beginnings-neither were born into wealth and both have fought for civil rights since their youth. It will ultimately be a decision that Biden, and only he, can make. One thing is for certain-he will decide where he can be most influential in doing what is best for the country and not for himself-that’s what he is all about! I will continue to support him, whatever his decision, as I always have.

  2. Johnny Bravo!

    Biden is not the safest choice because Biden is the type of guy who often puts his foot in his mouth. That’s why reporters love him.

    Also, Biden never endorsed Obama. When Obama spoke to a record crowd on Superbowl Sunday in Wilmington, DE (a city which Biden calls home), Biden was no where to be found. Other local and state politicians were there, but no Biden. Even Biden’s Republican contender (Jan Teng) was there quietly supporting Obama.

    And of course the remarks about Obama being “the first articulate African American presidential candidate… who’s intellegent…” So other African American candidates aren’t articulate and intellegent? This is what I mean by sticking his foot in his mouth.

    Also, Delaware is a blue state; it’ll go democratically regardless of Obama’s VP pick.

    ***Here’s an interesting historical fact: since 1960 either the president or his VP were from a southern state. SIMPLY PUT, YOU CAN’T WIN THE GENERAL ELECTION W/O A SOUTHERNER!

    But the simple fact is obvious: Obama is either unwilling or unable to bite back when McCain pushes him (either on the stump or in comercials). Aside from Biden’s obvious foriegn policy experience, Biden would be Obama’s political body guard–a muscle man to stand up to the old guy on the front porch who scares the neighborhood kids off of his lawn. Biden or the Clinton Machine are probably the only elements who could stand up to the Karl Rove-like punches.

    A safer pick perhaps would be Evan Bayh (D. – IN), because of his exec. experience as a Gov of a crucial state, he has some foreign pol. experience, and he won’t put his foot in his mouth. However, I don’t see chior boy Evan throwing back any hard punches.

    But because McCain fights unfairly with UNTRUE statements (and what about the idiots who believe him?), then on second thought Biden may not be such a bad choice.

    I’m Johnny Bravo, and I approve this message!

  3. Biden has now been selected as Barack’s running mate.

  4. Ha! You picked it!

    Now that the experiment is complete, what are your plans from here on out? I’m willing to bet you could get some tickets to the convention for free, or maybe one of those funny hats?

    Rowk Awn!!!

    Bob B.

  5. “ObamaBiden08 is an experiment in the New Media. It began in January 2008 at Krankies Coffee by exploring the presidential possibilities of President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.”

    Tell me, how did you begin back in “January 2008,” when Biden had not been selected yet?

    Are you connected to the official Obama/Biden campaign?


  6. Uri Geller

    Ya’ll are spoon-bending geniuses!

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