Barack Obama Interview With Bill O’Reilly Sept 4, 2008 – Parts 1 & 2

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


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19 responses to “Barack Obama Interview With Bill O’Reilly Sept 4, 2008 – Parts 1 & 2

  1. Anonymous

    obama got pwned

  2. Marissa

    Not necessarily. Personally, I think Bill came across as his usual immature, schmucky self. Its’ hardly an interview when Obama gets interrupted and shushed every time he tries to make a full statement.

  3. Anonymous

    If you think getting pwned in an interview means getting interrupted repeatedly, then, yes.

  4. Anonymous

    It was the typical rude interview conducted by O’Reilly. O’Reilly didn mention after the interview that Obama was not a “wimp”. So I think Obama did well enough given the circumstances.

  5. Jack

    Obama did well to hold his own, despite the repeated efforts of interrupting and disrupting his train of thought…

  6. Dale Pontiac

    Obama can’t hold a candle to Bill’s wit. McCain/Palin will school those inexperienced morons!

  7. Rick

    Pwned? Oh really? The problem is that you have a highly intelligent adult (Obama) having a discussion with a petulant, rude, sexual predator.

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  9. Anonymous


  10. Isabel

    OBAMA is what America needs to safely get us out of WAR responsibly,however some people will not
    vote for him because he is black.I think that is very un-American thing to do.Hopefully we educate ourselves and put racism aside and
    put our priority first.

    this reilly is truly unfair to OBAMA.It’s more of an attack to get OBAMA than an interview.

  11. Lauren

    O’reilly is soooooo rude! Does he not realize how immature and bullying it appears to the viewers? This just made me want to campaign and vote for Obama even more.

  12. Caroline M. Brown

    Bill O’Reilly did a lot of grandstanding, just to show that he didn’t go easy on Obama. An interview is supposed to be conducted in a way that once a question has been asked, the interviewer shuts up so the answer can be give. O’Reilly should learn interviewing skills from some of the old veterans, like Barbara Walters, Bill Moyers, Phil Donohue. You can’t attack someone with your questions, don’t allow them to answer, be discourteous and think you’ve conducted an interview, where the viewers haven’t learned anything.

  13. Todd Kent

    OReilly only interrupted Obama when he evaded the question with rhetoric like most Presidential debates are done when a politician finds that a yes or no answer will alienate some segment of voters.

    That being said I think Obama did well under the pressure and I applaud him appearing in front of the opposing side.

  14. anony

    I have seen most of republicans this way, In some programmes where they have a person from both parties to comment on something, the republican undoubtedly keeps interrupting and repeating some of the ideotic points over and over. Was anybody surprised with this interview or should I say interruptview? But Obama is such a balanced, intellectual and polished person somebody I can look up to as a president. not somebody that I think is just like me. (you know who I am talking about).

  15. James

    Politicians rarely answer a question they are asked. They usually drag on and on about something that is hardly related. Yes I think Bill seems to interrupt most people he interviews constantly, but that’s about the only way you can get them to answer the questions. ESPECIALLY when it’s a YES or NO question.

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  17. Derrick

    I thought Obama was very well versed. It’s good to have the hard questions answered. And of course you have to expect the normal political bullshit.

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