To those who think John McCain has no long lasting psychological damage

from a comment posted at the Star Tribune

To those who think he has no long lasting psychological damage

Think about this. You sit in solitary confinement day after day with zero contact with the outside world or other inmates. You get interrogated regularly. You are in prison for years. This happened to Mr. McCain. This is happening with several hundred people at Gitmo. Damage to their well being is being documented and some of gone into extremely poor and maybe unreparable neurologic harm. Let me repeat that, unreparable neurologic harm. We treat our prisoners better than they do at the Hanoi Hilton and nobody percieves this as a problem with a potential President. We do bury our heads in the sand about conditions at Gitmo and with our nominees. McCain is damaged neurologically speaking and we are secure in the knowledge that he can handle the pressure of the job and act as CNC during a crisis that may include psychological operations against the President. We will all be fools to think that can’t happen. The man is not insular and black bag operations like this are not unheard of in the annals of counter intelligence in our land. I don’t hate McCain’s policies or his ability to lead. I just don’t trust his capacity to sustain that exceptional ability. Time does not heal PTS enough to sway my concern.

posted by sorenmann on Aug 24, 08 at 0:04 am

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