Biden’s Shadow Campaign

The media web is buzzing about Joe Biden for VP!

This from ABC NEWS:


Sen. Joe Biden, D-Delaware, has not been in the Presidential race
since just after the Iowa Caucus, where he finished 5th with 4 percent
of the vote.

While he hasn’t been a candidate for months, Biden has been on the
offensive against Sen. John McCain for several weeks, releasing
statements from his Senate press office attacking McCain’s platform.

Today, Biden zinged off a statement reacting to a report in the Grey Lady
that McCain agrees with President Bush’s expansive view of executive
authority, especially where it comes to the NSA warrantless wiretapping

“I said during the FISA debate in 1978 that “it is not necessary to
compromise civil liberties in the name of national security,” said
Biden in the statement. “That’s as true today, even in a time of war,
as it was then. We all share the goal of capturing the terrorists and
protecting national security and we can do that without violating the
privacy of the American people. Like President Bush, Sen. McCain is
presenting the American people with a false choice—national security or
civil liberties. We need a President who understands that we can have
both. It’s what our values and our Constitution demands.”

Biden was the only one of the many Senators who ran for President
this time around that was actually in the Senate in 1978 and he always
seemed a little frustrated that voters weren’t taking him more
seriously. He had more experience in the Senate than any of the other
candidates, Democrat or Republican, and his foreign policy chops are
evident – Biden chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

There have been a number of similar anti-McCain statements emanating
from Biden’s office in recent weeks and back in May when President Bush
seemed to take a swipe at Sen. Barack Obama during a speech at the
Knesset in Israel, Biden leapt up to cry foul and accuse President Bush
of a “disgraceful” “political hit.”

He told the Washington Times last week
that Sen. Barack Obama, who has since claimed the Democratic
Presidential nomination had asked him to play a more prominent” and
“deeply involved” role in Obama’s campaign.

All that from a guy that hasn’t even endorsed Obama yet. Yes, there
are still three Democratic Senators who have not officially endorsed a
Presidential candidate, although Biden is the only one who sought the
office himself this year.

The others are Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan and Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio.

It would only be a formality at this point anyway with Obama the
presumptive nominee and Biden already playing attack dog for him. and
it falls in line with something Biden said after returning to the
Senate after folding his own Presidential tent.

“I’ll endorse the next President,” he said then.

– Z. Byron Wolf

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One response to “Biden’s Shadow Campaign

  1. Wisdo

    As a lifelong “hater” of republican american politics and yet not a long haired hippy fool, I am divided between McCain, an excellent presidential candidate, and Obama – a risk, albeit a good one.

    My dream government machine has McCain as presnit with Obama as VP or vice versa, either is good. ANYTHING is better than this incompetent regime that has the nation gripped in claws of stupidity, fundamentalist rhetoric and cowardice.

    My only Qualm about McCain is that he inherits a system of government owned by vested interests and he is their tool. Obama is not similarly encumbered.

    Make no mistake: Obama is no JFK. and JFK was no JFK. But what shall we have for dinner? Meat or fish? There is no Vegan option.

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