Vice President Joe Biden?

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I like this team. I know that Biden made a…well…gaffe about Obama earlier in the year, and I’m not going to repeat it, but Obama ‘forgave’ him for the gaffe in one of the debates. But Obama needs experience to back him up so that he can push his change message as far as he can and fall back on ‘Well my Vice President…’ whenever he’s overly criticised about foreign policy experience particularly.

Biden has been in the Senate since 1972. He’s done about as much as he can and gone about as far as he can in the Senate hierarchy. I think that if he wants to move up, as his Presidential run would indiate, then the only avenue left to him may be the Vice Presidency, which is one way of boosting him in the next cycle to the a more serious run for the Presidency. Except for the fact that only two Vice Presidents have ever gone on to secure the Presidency off the back of their term as VP, but none of these VPs ever seem to take notice of that when they accept.



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23 responses to “Vice President Joe Biden?

  1. elleng

    He’s said that he doesn’t just want to ‘move up,’ but rather see to it that important issues are discussed.

    That being the case, I think we’re much better off if Senator Biden remains where he is, senior member of important committees.

  2. kdte

    I agree that a Biden and Obama ticket would be very effective. Obama is looking for more of a “systems guy” and I do not know if that is Biden. Biden however will bring the needed experience and balance that would be needed. Biden has the Foreign Policy experience to assist Obama, but do they have the same views in regards to sitting down with those countries who are obvious enemies? Whoever, Obama chooses he should not be intimidated by if he/she knows more than him (which he probably would not) and should definitely have wisdom in areas of foreign affairs, military intelligence and global (UN) relations.

  3. ace gil cruz

    Joe biden must be the vp for obama for what reason. it is very simple, he only a simple guy that can attract most of the middle class families.


  4. ace gil cruz

    VP Joe biden VS. Rudy “noun verb and 9/11”
    Libermen “Flipflopper”
    Mitt”Simple men vs Rich guy”
    Huckabee “down by debate”

  5. rob

    Yes Joe Biden has foreign policy experience, more simply by years of service on the Foreign relations Committee and his long stint as Chairman then almost any other living Democrat. And his plan to get us out of Iraq is probably our last best chance of bringing our troops home safe without leaving chaos behind. Is that enough for Obama to choose him as his VP? Maybe, maybe not. So what are his other accomplishments, experiences and talents that make him a great choice for Obama? First, as he proved during the Democratic primaries he is a master debater and would wipe the floor (as he did with many of his democratic opponents) with anyone John McCain is even remotely considering. remember, the only time the VP Nominee ever really takes center stage in a general election is when his/ her name is announced, next at the convention for their speech and finally in the one or two VP debates. Second he is known as the third Senator from PA. He was born and raised in Scranton and Delaware’s media market is Philadelphia. More people in southeastern PA know who Joe Biden is then most of their own elected officials. At least that’s what Gov. Ed Rendell is saying to anyone who will listen. Third, he is Irish Catholic and has gray hair. In other words he appeals to that illusive white working/ middle class voter. These are his roots and he speaks the language. Fourth, before Joe Biden took over as Chairman of the Foreign relations Committee he was the longest serving Chairman of the Senate Judiciary in the history of the Senate. At a time when Dick Cheney has been dismantling our civil liberties it would be nice to have a VP that actually knows what the Constitution says (he has taught Constitutional law for almos 20 years). It is from that experience that he broke with most of his Democratic colleagues and voted against John Roberts who is now proving to be the most conservative Justice on the bench. In fact he was a co-sponsor and helped write the first FISA Law in 1978 that President Bush has been hell bent on dismantling over the past six years. Finally, he is a true family man. As much as he seems a fixture in Washington, Joe Biden has never actually lived in Washington. He has taken the train home to his family in Wilmington every night for over 35 years . He knows how Washington works but has not been infected by it’s inner workings. Obviously I think he is a great pick warts and all. Oh, as for women: Joe Biden is the author of the seminal Violence Against Women Act and is viewed as one of the greatest champions of women’s issues in the country (ask Ellie Smeal).

  6. Joe Biden was my first choice as nominee for President; after he withdrew, I cast my lot with Barack Obama. Joe Biden is an excellent choice for VP for all the reasons “rob” has noted and others. He is intelligent, quick on his feet, exudes a sense of honesty, kindness and genuine reach towards the “common man” and it is precisely that group of persons our Democratic Party simply MUST reach before November. I can think of no better person to be the #2 than Senator Biden; he’s a true elder statesman and one, along with Senator Kennedy, of the “Lion’s” of the Senate. I hope Barack is listening!

  7. I want Joe Biden to be President.
    Obama – Biden 2008 is the only acceptable alternative for me!

  8. David Alan

    Joe Biden for President! That is what I was hoping the majority of Democrats were thinking. He is tough, smart and willing to talk about the hard realities we face, how as a people we can walk through difficult solutions to keep America strong. No one noticed him because we had two candidates who although less qualified shone through the TV screens, and represented a change from a white male President. (I too was enamored by this) I switched my registration from Independent to Democrat to vote in the PA primary, to cast my vote for Omaba. But as time went by, the more I saw Omaba, the less I liked him. In the voting booth I could not in good conscience vote for him nor Hillary. Most likely, I will not vote in November, because I can not vote for someone, unless I believe in them, and 75% of their stances. The only way I will consider voting for Barak, is if Joe Biden is his running mate. Biden is the real deal, and will have as great of an influence on Obama, as did Cheny on George W. (Only, Obama/Biden will consider the American people before corporations in their decisions.)

  9. Blazini

    I want whoever will continue Barack Obamas policys ,he will be a hard president to let go of .Biden seems to me like the type of strait forward guy that would tell it like it is .Im loven the way he was like “this is bullshit ” Bullshit”talking about Bush claiming obama was was soft. Biden a cool cat ….. But Obama might pick Mark Warner a Virgianian governer that was ranked a top 5 governer in 2005 that alot of electorial votes. Who knows how he polls nationally…..

  10. Karen Kelly

    Obama & Biden ~ WOW!!!
    HOPE ~ INTELLIGENCE ~ EXPERIENCE ~ KNOWLEGE & just a little FEISTY ~ all wrapped up in one ticket. Absolutely works for me!

  11. Jim

    Biden is the baddest mother fucker on cspan. He’d be perfect counter to Barack, ala LBJ. He has experience and he doesn’t take any shit. on Bush’s speech @ the Knesset, “This is bullshit. This is malarkey. This is outrageous. Outrageous for the president of the United States to go to a foreign country, sit in the Knesset … and make this kind of ridiculous statement”.

    That is straight talk.

  12. Michelle Fraser

    like Michelle Wilbert who wrote a comment above, I was also a Joe Biden supporter until he withdrew. I think that he would be an excellent VP and am hoping and praying that Obama picks him this is my Dream ticket, not Hillary, when people where saying Obama and Hilary would be a dream ticket all I kept thinking was “would you want to be the only thing standing between her and the presidency? Was more of a nightmare than a dream to me! haha. Anyway, my fingers are crossed and I checked on the MSN Veepstakes website tonight and Joe Biden got the most votes on that site and won. Hopefully he will be Obamas choice.

    Michelle Fraser, Atlanta, GA
    Im Down for Obama, like 4 flat tires!

  13. Michelle Fraser

    Sorry about all the Typos, I was rushing to get to bed. Night all.

  14. peggy

    An Obama/Biden ticket would clinch it. You couldn’t have a more balanced ticket. I have always thought Biden would be the best choice for VP. I’m so glad it’s actually being considered. I might even be stirred to get out on the campaign trail if it came to fruition.
    NO HILARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Colleen

    Biden has the MOST experience with foreign policy and we need that right now. NO HILARY!
    Biden is respected in the Senate and people are afraid of him in debates. A Biden/Obama ticket would clinch the “white house”, Biden is older and would help to get some of the old boy networks on the Obama side and he has been on Capitol Hill for a long time. He likes politics and loves the law.
    My only fear is Biden and Obama are both headstrong but I think Biden is smart enough to know when to step back. Go get em Barack/Biden!
    I like the sound of it.

  16. Anonymous

    Biden is the best VP choice for Obama. He will carry PA for Obama. He also has the experience that Obama needs. This ticket would be great for our country. OBAMA/BIDEN 08

  17. Allan

    Without Biden, I’m voting McCain. Come on Obama, make the right decision!

  18. ROB G

    The only way I’ll vote for Obama., I’ve said from day ONE (1) Biden/Obama 08 – well, we screwed that up., so a Obama/Biden 08 will have to do! PS. I’m an X-Marine (Semper FI) Republican – switching party lines if Biden is on the ticket, if not Go McCain…….

  19. Just saw on the news about 30 seconds ago, Joe Biden is the new VP canidate!

  20. ROB G


  21. Jay

    Tragic. As a “swing voter”, the constituency Obama needs, he had me locked in. His economic and tax policies are superb. Then he picked a running mate and foiled the whole thing. Overbearing, self absorbed, and everything the country doesn’t need, Joe Biden is someone I can not vote for. Many parts of the world are already disenchanted with the US. If we want to use diplomacy and “get them talking”, the last person we want them talking to is Joe Biden. Long winded and foolish verbiage – we might as well send Will Ferrell with his impression of Harry Carry.

  22. Carol in Connecticut

    McCain claims to be a foreign policy expert.
    But he kept talking about Czechoslovakia, which disbanded 15 years ago. He confused Sunni/Shia over & over, until Lieberman whispered in his ear. McC didn’t know who Iran was helping. He went on about problems on the Iraq/Pakistan border, which doesn’t exist. That’s like an Ohio border with Idaho!

    Please, Senator Biden, tell people that McCain doesn’t know what he’s talking about.




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