Congratulations President Obama and VP Biden!

Let me be the first to congratulate President elect Barack Obama and Vice President elect Senator Joseph Biden. Since it is January 4th 2008 tonight, some of you might be a bit sceptical. But just remember, you heard it here first. But with Obama’s solid finish in Iowa, and his outstanding victory speech, that has set him up to only pick up steam in New Hampshire. I will narrowly win New Hampshire, and with the question of electibility quickly fading, he will get the democratic nomination, as Hillary fades away from inevitability to missed opportunity. She has become representative of the old guard of Washington, in spite of being a woman, and Obama has become the candidate of change and hope. Few would have anticipated this some months back, when nearly everyone agreed “Obama is Presidential material. Just not YET.”

As for the republicans, well, Giuliani is out, and Mitt is going to fade fast. Fred Thompson was strongest before he announced he was running. That leaves Huc and McCain to fight it out. Huc will be seen as too extreme in some ways and too liberal in others. McCain will as well, and like it or not his age will be an issue. But Huc won’t stand up to the scrutiny, leaving McCain to get the nomination with Huc as VP for some fresh juice, and leaving 20 other republican leaders wishing they had run.

So McCain and Obama will be an interesting match up, but McCain (with Romney as VP) just won’t be able to compete with the swelling of grass roots support and impassioned backing of Obama. He’ll be the President, with VP Gore backing him up for experience. Oh, wait, Gore’s been there done that. And Hillary wouldn’t stoop to such a low office. Bill Clinton? Um, no that’s not really common practice, the big P to VP. Joe Biden is the voice of experience and is the democrats’ answer to McCain. Bill Richardson? Just not quite popular enough, or in spite of all his experience, not quite perceived as seasoned enough. Edwards? He already ran as VP once. Strange for him to do it again. Obama and Wesley Clark? Hmm. Tempting, but not enough deep political experience on the ticket. It’s gotta be Biden.

So, on January 4th 2008, I’d like to be the first to congratulate Obama and Biden for their victory and for becoming the next President and Vice President of the United States.

Page topic: Predicting Barack Obama will win the nonimation, will choose Senator Joseph Biden as vp, and they will win the election. Congratulations President Obama!

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43 responses to “Congratulations President Obama and VP Biden!

  1. Sheree

    If I thought that Obama would choose Biden as running mate….. it’s a done deal for me.

  2. hfamom

    What about Obama Richardson? I’m thinkin’ that would be a great ticket… although Biden… tempting!

  3. saddleshoes

    Biden! Biden! Biden! Obama-Biden would be the dream ticket ’08….in my opinion. I was interested in hearing any pros and cons from others on this pairing.

  4. skeptic

    I am a strong supporter of Obama, but Biden as VP could keep me from voting. Biden is the author of the RAVE ACT which is the most harmful piece of legislation I have seen. We need to help young people succeed in life rather than helping them into prison. We need to rethink the War on Drugs and Biden is not the man for the job.

  5. Biden Supporter

    Oh, what I wouldn’g give…If I can’t get Joe as Pres, VP will do fine. His foreign relations experience would be a HUGE boon to add to Obama’s limited experience on the international stage, and he is just such a clear, confident, and rational speaker. Biden kicks serious ass.

  6. Biden Supporter

    skeptic – please.

    Biden has one of the most incredible CV’s in all of Washington Politics. You can’t take one bill and one topic and downplay a lifetime of incredible service and experience.

  7. Biden is a great pick.

    Here’s Why Bloomberg should be Obama’s VP!

    1. Economic Genius – Bloomberg worked his way up from having next to no money to being one of the richest men in the world. After graduation, he took a $9,000-a-year job as a Salomon Brothers clerk, made sure to arrive earlier and leave later than anyone else and worked his way up to partner. Then he started Bloomberg LP with 10 million dollars and grew it into a 20 billion dollar juggernut. He earned 20 billion dollars through smart investments and a brilliant understanding of the economy. He predicted the oil shortage, housing and mortgage crisis years before others did, unfortunately no one was listening. This is a great selling point considering our recession. Just having Bloomberg on the ticket would add a lot of financial chops and feasibility to Obama’s plans.

    He used this tremendous wealth to create the world’s second largest charity. He also raised $50 million in private money, including some of his own millions, to fund a pilot workfare program.

    Yet he gave up control of his billion dollar company in order to take over as New York’s Mayor after 9/11 and Guliani left New York with a defecit, a debt, a looming recession and high unemployment. His policies turned the city around from the economic hit it took on 9/11.

    Major crime has dropped 30% in New York in the Bloomberg era, without the racial antagonisms of the Giuliani era. Test scores and graduation rates are up, unemployment is at a record low, welfare rolls are at a 40-year low, construction is booming, the deficit has become a surplus, and the city’s bond rating just hit an all-time high of double-A. As Mayor, he has driven crime down, rebuilt neighborhoods, kept the streets clean, overhauled the schools and more. New Yorkers are even living longer than they used to.

    2. He has a long history of implementing Innovative Brilliant Ideas That People Though Couldn’t Work but Wound Up Working…

    a.) Years ago, he said that gas prices were going to explode, and introduced a controversial plan to switch all of New York’s cabs with hybrid that get excellent milage. And he pulled it off! Now New York City’s cabs are all hybrids!

    b.) He saw obesity and heart disease as major problems and introduced what many people at the time claimed was an unfeasible plan that gradually banned ALL transfats in all foods sold in New York. New York is such a huge corporate market, that by implementing this, Bloomberg forced McDonalds, Burger King, Fritos Lays potato chips and all other junk food companies to switch away from all transfats, if they want to be able to sell their product in New York. Whether you realize it or not, thanks to Bloomberg, regardless of where you live, you have been eating all junk food and fast food that are free of transfats. Have you noticed any difference in taste? Didn’t think so. But you’ve been eating healthier without even realizing it.

    c.) He passed a similar plan banning smoking in all public places in New York. Air pollution went down, and when other key cities saw from Bloomberg how large scale smoking bans can feasibly be implemented, they adopted his identical plan in London, Paris and other cities. They are also now following his same model to replace all public transportation with hybrids in their cities.

    d.) Similarly, Bloomberg implented very targeted gun laws to reduce violent crimes that republicans initally oppposed through out New York. And now violent crime in New York is lower than it has been in decades!

    e.) He’s recently started implementing brilliant new plans to provide housing and employment for the abject poor and the homeless, and implementing what was at the time a merit based plan to improve student’s performances in school. Both plans are showing early signs of success.

    f.) He broke with 200 years of tradition by rearranging city hall into a bullpen modeled on a trading floor, with his desk in the middle of 50 aides. (Perhaps transparency breeds loyalty, because his senior staff has barely changed in six years.) His office also seems to be the most productive mayor’s office in New York City’s history.

    g.) He has been making many efforts to reduce emissions. “The naysayers who think global warming is too big a problem just don’t have any vision,” he repeatedly says. Washington rejected the Kyoto Protocol, but more than 500 U.S. mayors have pledged to meet its emissions-reduction standards, none more aggressively than Bloomberg who initially led this Mayors initiative. His PlaNYC calls for a 30% cut in greenhouse gases by 2030. It will quadruple the city’s bike lanes, convert the city’s taxis to hybrids and impose a controversial congestion fee for driving into Manhattan.

    All of the above were controversial plans when introduced. Bloomberg inherited a tough situation. The city was hemorrhaging jobs after the Sept. 11 attacks, and Giuliani’s second-term spending spree had left the city in a financial hole. Bloomberg raised property taxes 18% to attack the deficit, and he made some modest but politically difficult spending cuts, including the closing of several firehouses. He also engineered a hostile takeover of the city’s troubled schools and banned smoking in the city’s restaurants and bars. His approval ratings sagged into the 20s; his constituents booed him at parades. “They’ll come around,” he told aides.

    And just as he said, he bounced back from poison-ivy approval ratings to easy re-elections in influential places when his controversial policies began to work exactly as he said they would. He now reportedly tells his advisors when introducing these plans, “What good is a 70% approval rating if we don’t take risks?” So far, that rating hasn’t budged. Bloomberg isn’t just a technocrat, he’s an extraordinarily good one, a quality that you see all to rarely.

    He took on predatory lending in New York years before politicians realize how big a problem it was. As a philanthropist, he’s funding research designed to eliminate malaria by building a better mosquito.

    After he announced new restrictions on campaign donations — the tightest in the nation — Bloomberg was asked if he was being hypocritical, since he had spent more than $150 million of his own money to win two elections. “I would suggest that before anyone runs for office, they should go out and become a billionaire,” he replied. “It makes it a lot easier.”

    As you can tell from above, he has a long history of fighting for and getting implemented results-oriented, merit-based arguments. Which is exactly what the next President will need in developing plans for, say, health care or Social Security reform.

    He adds to the ticket instant economic credibility, a deep résumé and a claim to results.

    There’s a good view of Bloomberg’s problem solving from the roof of the 123-unit building Ken Haron just developed in Harlem. That neighborhood was once a national symbol of urban decay — drugs, violence, all the classic inner-city problems — but now its main problem is that it’s so desirable, its housing is unaffordable. And in recent decades, the feds have stopped building subsidized housing. So Bloomberg has leveraged private money for a $7.5 billion effort to create 165,000 affordable apartments, enough to house the population of Atlanta. It’s already one-third complete. Haron charges some tenants market rents of about $3,000 a month, but he has to reserve 80% of his building for lower-income families that won lotteries to pay as little as $700 for apartments with the same granite countertops. On the roof, Haron points out similar mixed-income projects in every direction: “That one’s in the program. So is that one. That one’s condo; it’s ours too.” Its penthouse is for sale for $1.7 million, but moderate-income families will pay $250,000 to live in the same building. “There’s stagnation at the federal level, so we had to get creative,” says Bloomberg’s housing commissioner, Shaun Donovan.

    To Bloomberg, Washington means gridlock, extremism and pettiness. It’s the place where homeland-security funds were “spread out like peanut butter” for political reasons, so that rural states got more per capita than New York. And it’s the place that’s blocking him from cracking down on illegal guns. In 2005, after a rash of shootings, Bloomberg’s aides told him that 90% of the illegal guns used in local crimes came from out of state and that 1% of U.S. gun dealers supplied 60% of its crime guns. And the Bush Administration had stopped tracking the problem; in fact, the G.O.P. Congress had enacted N.R.A.-backed language restricting federal officials from sharing gun-trace information with local police. Bloomberg appealed to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales but got the brush-off. So the mayor hired investigators to run stings in gun shops nationwide and sued 27 of the shadiest dealers; a dozen are now under court supervision. He also started Mayors Against Illegal Guns to fight the information-sharing restrictions; the group has recruited more than 220 mayors in a year, but Congress has not reversed the policy. “Ultimately, you have to blame the public,” Bloomberg says. “They’re not holding Washington accountable.”

  8. Michael Dumas

    Sitting here in early July, as an Obama-Biden ticket seems more and more likely, I found your site and have to give you props for perhaps nailing this a long time ago…

  9. Gunner

    Totally agree with Dumas above. Googled Obama Biden 08 and ended up here. Both Biden and Obama were my choice in the Primary.

    Nice call on what I too hope is a very possible future.

  10. lol'd

    lol, i totally thought your last name was dumba** for a second there dumas, and it made me lol.

  11. InAwe

    Also sitting here at the end of July, in awe of your ability to simply just pay attention.
    Joe’s the wise choice, even though Kaine (Gov. VA) is a very good friend, a good guy & shares so much, I think Joe turns the markets to glassy – and with the economy/business with the depression jitters, and the waters all choppy, Joe smooths over the business sector like no other person (though he’s a business butt-kisser a lot of the times), especially since Barry’s told ’em to keep their cash. All I care is that the current nitwits go (to jail preferably), and the repugs keep their old man kung-fu out of my pocket.

  12. Yes, Biden has some serious foreign policy chops, but–don’t forget that Biden was one of the main architects of the disastrous Bush bankruptcy bill, doing the bidding of his cronies in the credit card and banking businesses, who call the shots in Delaware.

    At a time when the #1 issue on voters’ minds is the economy — for good reason — Obama has been drawing a clear distinction between his NO vote on the bankruptcy bill vs. McCain’s AYE vote. That vote speaks volumes about whose side they are on — our side, or the predatory lenders.

    Unlike Obama, Biden refused to listen to the pleas of consumer groups, labor organizations, women’s groups, and others who represent working families who overwhelmingly end up in bankruptcy because they lack health care, get divorced, and/or lose a job. Instead of putting his energies into pushing for universal health care, Biden devoted his time to delivering for the greedy lenders.

    Sen. Dodd, Chair of the US Senate Banking Committee, has described the Bush-Biden bankruptcy bill as one of the worst laws ever passed by Congress. It shifted the risks for reckless lending from the lenders to the borrowers, fanning speculation in credit markets and contributing mightily to the current economic meltdown.

    Obama deserves a lot of credit for standing up to powerful special interests on behalf of ordinary citizens, and for having the foresight to see that it was stupid to encourage more risky lending, even in the midst of the housing bubble.

    He had to have known his vote would burn bridges with the banking interests who are the largest contributors to his rivals for the presidency. (Check out But still he stood his ground and stood up for us.

    Putting Biden on the ticket would be a disaster.

  13. C-Low

    Excellent analytical ability! A+ for your prediction skills.

  14. Hello Kindred Spirits!

    Yes, this is what I’ve been hoping for since January. Biden was my choice for the nominee, and since he dropped out I’ve been telling everyone I know that Obama-Biden is my dream ticket. I even told the kid who called from the Obama office seeking a donation (as if he had any pull, I know, I know).

    It was terrific finding your blog today. Great going, and I certainly hope you are right in your prediction!

  15. Johnny Bravo!

    Biden is not the safest choice because Biden is the type of guy who often puts his foot in his mouth. That’s why reporters love him.

    Also, Biden never endorsed Obama. When Obama spoke to a record crowd on Superbowl Sunday in Wilmington, DE (a city which Biden calls home), Biden was no where to be found. Other local and state politicians were there, but no Biden. Even Biden’s Republican contender (Jan Teng) was there quietly supporting Obama.

    And of course the remarks about Obama being “the first articulate African American presidential candidate… who’s intellegent…” So other African American candidates aren’t articulate and intellegent? This is what I mean by sticking his foot in his mouth.

    Also, Delaware is a blue state; it’ll go democratically regardless of Obama’s VP pick.

    ***Here’s an interesting historical fact: since 1960 either the president or his VP were from a southern state. SIMPLY PUT, YOU CAN’T WIN THE GENERAL ELECTION W/O A SOUTHERNER!

    But the simple fact is obvious: Obama is either unwilling or unable to bite back when McCain pushes him (either on the stump or in comercials). Aside from Biden’s obvious foriegn policy experience, Biden would be Obama’s political body guard–a muscle man to stand up to the old guy on the front porch who scares the neighborhood kids off of his lawn. Biden or the Clinton Machine are probably the only elements who could stand up to the Karl Rove-like punches.

    A safer pick perhaps would be Evan Bayh (D. – IN), because of his exec. experience as a Gov of a crucial state, he has some foreign pol. experience, and he won’t put his foot in his mouth. However, I don’t see chior boy Evan throwing back any hard punches.

    But because McCain fights unfairly with UNTRUE statements (and what about the idiots who believe him?), then on second thought Biden may not be such a bad choice.

    I’m Johnny Bravo, and I approve this message!

  16. leonspencer, I cant believe it. But you nailed it. How did you know? I don’t care for the selection but I’ll be voting Democrat.

  17. Big C


    Amazing. Do you have any suggestions on lottery numbers?

  18. ROB G


  19. Marianne

    WOW! Great prognostication skills!

    I wanted Biden for president, and was dissapointed when he dropped out, but I couldn’t have predicted in January that he would end up VP to Obama!!


    OBAMA-BIDEN BABY!! OBAMA-BIDEN BABY!! (sung to the limbo chant)

  20. Marianne

    Biden says what he thinks and that might not sit well with some. Yes, the press will eat it up. But he won’t care and it’s not going to phase him! He’s dealing with real issues and understands them better than any man on earth! He’s not going to loose sleep over what he said incorrectly or how it might get distorted. F-ing soundbites don’t matter to man with that big a brain! He’s got bigger fish to fry!

  21. Kenneth Burchfiel

    Hoping for Kaine, but you still have impressive powers of perception. Congrats on getting your pick right!

  22. Anonymous

    Nice guesswork!

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  24. Chris

    Wow! How did you know?? Amazing!!

  25. pattonmat89

    Everyone pray to whomever you like (God, Allah, Buddha, the Great Pumpkin, etc.) that McCain picks Romney. That is, if you want Barack in the Oval Office. Biden vs. Romney in the Veep debates would be such an overmatch on Biden’s side. Romney is not a good off-the-cuff speaker, and Biden, gaffes aside, longwindedness aside, is a good debater. His longwindedness is overstated- he was perfectly able to express himself during the primary debates. And of course everyone makes mistakes. Barack himself started introducing Sen. Biden as “the next President” before he corrected himself. This from the Silver-Tounged Wonder! There’s no such thing as a perfect VP choice, but I think Barack made a great pick on this.

  26. rama

    biden is knowledgeable and experienced, but in political election, candidates need more votes. if clinton would have been selected as v.p., obama had sure chance of winning. with biden as v.p. , obama will have to work very hard and spend more money and clinton will have to make lot of sacrifices and approach to her supporters for democratic part victory in the election. as an alternative, clinton will make a good secretary of state, no doubt.

  27. Normal Person

    It scary that so many people don’t remember history. Obama has nothing different than any of the other crooks that fake you out over and over again. Until you people and the dummies that allow us to once again have no good person to vote for. Mcain is again just the lesser of two evils. The same clowns that beat Hillary (another crook) in the media have been feeding you garbage for your whole lives. Look to our history for answers, you’d have to go way back and the only change that would be good but is nowhere in sight is to dismantle the biggest most evil mob of gangsters ever to exist. Demecans and Republicrats, all crooks and way worse than John Gotti, Al Capone or any of them, not to mention far more powerful. Wake up you idiots! Obama will not can not and has no plan to make anything different. He would have a state where all the earnings from all peoples were collected and divided among all the people and the Government would have total control. Sounds very familiar to me, no change at all. We all used to hate “Big Brother”, now you not only want him over for dinner you want him to take care of you. Shame on all of you.

  28. Greg Wix

    I love your headline. “President elect”. It will look good on my joke wall after they lose.

    It’s pretty bad when the Governor of Alaska has more “executive decision making” experience than the Democratic Presidential or Vice presidential nominee. I really look forward to comparing her short experience and accomplishments to Biden’s, then asking him why he hasn’t accomplished more in his 36 years in Washington. He is head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Just what “executive decisions” has he made since gaining that office? What “executive decisions has he made in his 36 years in office? We will be checking and letting people know. I just wish Palin was the top of the ticket.

    She reminds me of the movie “Dave”, when the look alike subs for the ailing President and actually accomplishes something.

    She will have her faults but remember, people change as circumstances warrant. Just like a business. Oh yeah – there is that “executive experience” again.

  29. Anonymous

    Will you stop it already? I am so tired of one set of candidates talking about the other. I’m starting to think that between the four of you (Obama, Biden, McCain, Palin) there is not one single thought of any kind. Why don’t you talk about your plan to get us out of the mess we are in? I want to hear a list of problems and solutions. Better yet, I can provide a list of problems and you can provide some suggested solutions. If you can’t do that then stop spending ridiculous amounts of money on these idiotic ads and go someplace and sit down.
    Problems that need sensible solutions:

    1. Health care is unaffordable for too many people.
    2. No child left behind leaves too many children (especially minority children) behind. We need an education system that works better.
    3. College is not affordable for too many young children. Can we spend less money on jails and more money on training programs and education?
    4. A shrinking middle class. The disparity in wages between executives and ordinary workers is deplorable and getting worst every day.
    5. We are in too many conflicts in the world. Our soldiers don’t get paid enough and are not receiving sufficient medical attention.

    What about it the issues? What do any of you have to say about them?
    I am sending this message to all of you because it applies to all of you.

  30. Bill Holland

    Dear Joe: I want you to know that I am against the bail out all together. They made bad financial decisions as we all do and they should have to live with them. If they are gone it would leave about as much of a mark as pulling your filger from a cup of water.
    The thing that my family(Daughter, Son, and brother, all voters) and I will be watching is the issue in the CEO’s severance packages and / or Bonus packages. The corporate exec. made very poor decisions and they do not deserve to profit from it. I think all of their assets should be frozen pending an investigation.
    Anyone letting them get away with that is not someone that we want in office.
    Voter Bill Holland and Family

  31. Cartwright

    I am so proud of President Elect Barack Obama. I only wished my grandparents were living to see an African-American person becoming the President of the United States. I was only 4 years old when Martin Luther King was assassinated. This was a bad time for Blacks and it was difficult. I remembered being bused across town where the whites hated us. I can truly say I survived my 3rd grade class. We have really overcome a lot but have a race problem in the southerns states. I will pray for the race problems to get better. We need to see a person not the color on the outside. May God Bless the United States of America
    Respectful citizen,
    T. Cartwright
    Nashville, Tn

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