ONE MONTH AGO : Obama Defends Biden

Obama Defends Biden After Moderator Smacks Him On Race

Okay, this is just pathetic. The moderator of the debate, Des Moines Register editor Carolyn Washburn, just asked this question of Joe Biden:

Senator Biden, you and your campaign have had a number of occasions to correct or clarify things you’ve said relating to race, including your remarks about Senator Obama being, quote, “clean and articulate,” your comment about Indians working at 7-11, and recently to the Washington Post in which you spoke about race while describing disparities between schools in Washington, D.C. and Iowa.Do these gaffes, or misunderstandings, or however you characterize them indicate you’re uncomfortable talking about race, or are people just being too sensitive?

Look, this is just absurd. Biden has been forced multiple times to defend this comment about Obama being “clean and articulate.” Here’s what he said of Obama at the time:

“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”

Some have pointed out convincingly that if you add a missing comma, Biden very clearly could have meant Obama is “mainstream” and in addition is “articulate and clean.” At any rate, asking Biden to answer for this yet again is just a big waste of time.

Thankfully, Obama stepped forth to defend Biden, saying:

“I have absolutely no doubt about what is in his heart and the commitment he’s made to racial equality in this country.”




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3 responses to “ONE MONTH AGO : Obama Defends Biden

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  2. Tom

    Well, Joe may bring in those whopping swing votes from Delaware won’t he won’t win mine!

  3. Delbert Nuckles

    yo yo yo. this is good. take the tape off your windows. your safe. McCain is a Muslim, but i think he and Obama can take this thing and win it for all. I love ya’ll Amereica! MicainObama!

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