In Lieu of a Holographic Government


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2 responses to “In Lieu of a Holographic Government

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  2. Frank Eaton’s work is a perfect example of the holographic government in action. That is, each citizen taking full responsibility and accountability for the government and in return, the government taking full accountability for its citizenry.

    Notice the fact that Frank is working for free. Working for free because he is having fun doing this work and recognizes that this work is revolutionary. If he can help get Dan Besse elected, then he feels confident that North Carolina’s ecosystems will have a better chance of being well-managed and that well-managed ecosystems will lead to the development of sustainable economies throughout the state. Of course, the windfall of having healthy ecosystems and sustainable economies is a general reduction in corporate subsidies and health and social spending. Ergo, a long-term tax decrease.

    Like Frank’s self-designed political operations, the ultimate output in the holographic government is synergy.

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